U V treated Grow Bags

Grow Bags For Bell Pepper Cultivation

Product Description

Peppers are most productive when grown in a greenhouse.Chillies and peppers naturally grow in much hotter countries than cold countries, so need to be grown in greenhouse or polytunnel. They’re perfect for growing in grow bags made with crushed coco chips and coco fibre. This grow bag will hold lesser volume of water and have more air porosity.

Description Dimension Volume Planting specification
Grow Bag 90*15*10 cms 13.5 L 5 plants
Grow Bag 100*12*16 cms 7 L 4 plants
Grow Bag 100*25*10 cms 15 L 5 plants
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  • Strength:

    • Compressed and easy to use.
    • Fast and healthy root development.
    • Equal air and water distribution.
  • Client:

    Green Houses Worldwide