Cocopeat Bales

First Choice For Many Horticulture Growers

Product Description

Bales consist of medium compression and it is easy to loosen up which can be used for multiple applications. Mixture ratio of fiber, chips and coir can be made according to the requirements. Big bale packing saves time, effort and money because no rehydration process is needed. Applications requiring higher Air filled Porosity and lower water holding capacity. Suitable for growing crops in winter seasons.

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  • Strength:

    • Easy for Bulk Transportation
    • Hassle-Free Reconstitution
    • Ideal for Huge Volume Consumption
    • Moisture content of ± 20%.
    • Applications:

      • Potting mixes
      • Soil conditioning.
      • Landscaping
      • Golf Green Constructions.
    • Client:

      Grow Coast, WasteZero Farms, HVG Gardens and 100 more clients