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Horticulture Growers and Constructions companies can always rely on Boyce Agro Cocopeat Products, regardless of the application - cocopeat For Horticulture, cocopeat As Oil Absorbents, cocopeat for green turf constructions, cocopeat for animal bedding.

Reliance on Boyce Agro means reliance on high-quality Cocopeat, experienced people and above all, quality : We offer a wide range of cocopeat for any application, with a performance profile that can be easily adapted to individual, local conditions of use.

This ensures that Boyce is truly able to offer the optimum cocopeat for any application. Discover the Boyce variety and quality!

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Boyce will help you get the best price possible on the coco peat you want, and with Boyce Actual Price initiative, we can give you all the calculation you need to find the cost of the product shipped to you.
You can contact and coordinate with procurement heads in India, Srilanka, Vietnam for your coco peat requirements.
If you wish to learn about our customers in your industry, feel free to write to us for references

Coco peat Advantages

Coconut coir is an organic and environment friendly alternate for peat moss and it is widely used for seedling, bedding, gardens, container etc. It can resist bacterial and fungal growth and reduce soil related diseases.

It provides all new opportunities for potting mix suppliers, seedling nurseries, Hydroponic growers and green house growers worldwide.  In horticulture, gardening, landscaping, coir is a strongly recommended substitute for Peat moss because it is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

It also has very good water retention and suitable aeration facility which helps to faster and even growth of roots. Coir generally have a pH level in the range of 6-6.5. which is very good pH level for most of the plants.