Cocopeat Blocks

Coco Peat Blocks Suitable For Pot Mixing, Soil Conditioning

5KG Blocks with ±15% Moisture

These blocks are used as an alternative for peat moss. They are best used in large-scale nurseries, garden centers, large-scale commercial growers of flowers and fruits. Cocopeat Blocks are currently finding increased use in green turf constructions. They can also be loaded unwrapped form, and loose stuffing with container.

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  • Strength:

    • Mainly for Bulk Applications
    • Easy to Handle & Reconstitute
    • Economical
  • Client:

    GreenTree, China, Ausk Constructions, GoSolar Parks, Leading Golf Course construction Companies

  • Applications

    • Soil Mix, Conditioning
    • Green Turf Constructions
    • Animal Bedding