Oil Absorbent

Product Description

It can be used for both hazardous and non-hazardous spillage cleaning. Coco Peat is free from harmful dusts and it is biodegradable. The absorbed material can be Coir Composted and it is lightweight and spreads easily. It is easy to use and consumes very less time for cleaning and it benefits by less wasted man hours. Some of the spillages coco peat used are: •Fuel (Diesel & Petrol) •Mineral vegetable lubricants •Oils, Transmission fluids •Solvents •Cooking oils •Water based chemicals •Pesticides and Herbicides •Mild corrosives •Liquid organic waste

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  • Strength:

    • Retains physical properties longer.
    • Natural and renewable resource.
    • Odorless and pleasant to handle.
  • Client:

    Industries Worldwide