Grow Bags For Strawberry Production

Strawberry Grow Bags - Quality Bags Guaranteed

Product Description

Strawberries are an easy-to-grow perennial that do well planted in the grow bags. Grow bag cultivation of strawberries saves work and produces good crops of tasty fruit from the smallest garden, patio or even a sunny balcony.

Description Dimension Volume Planting specification
Grow Bag 100*12*12 cms 14.5 L 10 plants
Grow Bag 100*15*10 cms 15 L 10 plants
Grow Bag 100*20*10 cms 20 L 15 plants
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  • Strength:

    • Compressed and easy to use.
    • Fast and healthy root development.
    • Equal air and water distribution.
  • Client:

    Green House Farmers Worldwide