Tomato Grow Bags

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Tomatoes in containers need to be watered often – daily as the season progresses and plants mature. On the other hand, regular watering leaches nutrients from the pots. So watering container tomatoes can be tricky. Coco peat holds water and supply water and nutrients when plants required.

Tomato grow bags are UV Stabilized and available in the following sizes and gauges : 600 Gauges (150 Microns). Our tomato grow bags are Eco friendly and its Perfect for growing environment and it is Bio degradable. it allows Easy irrigation and feeding. made out of High quality poly material. Available in different sizes and its highly cost effective.

Description Dimension Volume Planting specification
Grow Bag 90*15*10 cms 13.5 L 2 plants
Grow Bag 100*15*10 cms 15 L 5 plants
Grow Bag 100*20*8 cms 16 L 6 plants
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  • Strength:

    • Compressed and easy to use.
    • Fast and healthy root development.
    • Equal air and water distribution.
  • Client:

    Horticulture and Hydroponic Companies Worldwide