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Coco peat (cocopeat), also known as coir pith, coir fibre pith, coir dust, or simply coir is made from coconut husks, which are byproducts of other industries that use coconuts. It is an excellent growing medium best suits for horticulture growers, gardeners, landscapers, animal bedding and as oil absorbent for spillages.

Yes, we are happy to arrange a factory visit for overseas buyers on prior information. We also make necessary domestic travel, boarding and lodging for our clients

Yes coco peat is GMO free, since all the process involved in processing Coco peat are natural.

Coco peat is made from coconut husks and a by product of coconut and it is growing naturally. It is free from weeds, seeds and other foreign particles.

Coco peat is a natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore using coco peat helps stopping peat extraction from the mother earth. The production and use of Coco peat does not have threat or harm to ecological systems hence coco peat is an environmental friendly product

You can mix coco peat to soil as compost good water retention and good cation exchange for plant growth.

We are supporting customers worldwide. Currently we have customers in 40 countries.

We have our own and contract manufacturing facilities in India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

We live and breathe agriculture, because we works so closely with farmers, We think of our coco peat and coir products as an important contribution to our customers achieving successful harvests and increasing their incomes.. please send us an email with your supplier details, we can send in the comparison that will help you make a decision

We leave nothing to chance so you can be sure that BOYCE implements will always perform optimally even under the most challenging conditions.

We have sales offices in 8 countries to support our existing and new customers. We operate through our sales networks and dispatch product from any of three countries depending on product and location.

Yes, you can see us in exhibitions directly or through Boyce represented distributors worldwide.

Yes, we will arrange samples to try at a cost. Sometimes we arrange free samples depend on the product availability in our network.

We can give basic guide through our local experts and additional consultation charges will be applicable based on the experts.

Yes, you are most welcome, we have 1000+ customers in 40 countries. Do let us know your Industry or application areas and we can suggest you the right client contact

Check your product application area and write to us. We can advise the best suitable product for you to buy.

You can look at online resources and social medias to connect with manufacturers and exporters.

You can contact us directly for any of your requirements related to coco peat from Boyce or you can contact our distributors depend on the locations.

We are GMT +5.5. We happy to support our customers 24*7. Our customer service team will get in touch as early as possible for your queries.

No, there is no import restrictions for importing coco peat as long as you choose from whom to import

You can write to us and we shall provide the same

You can write to us and we shall provide the same. we use third party certification agencies like SGS, TUV

Yes, you can supply us depend on the quality audit and other verifications of procurement department. please write to us with your profile

Call or write to us to fix up meeting with our procurement department, from there you will be guided to become a member of Boyce family.

As a Agro Products company, we strive to conduct business responsibly to deliver innovative solutions using coir and coco peat. Through our CSR you can learn more about our priorities and how we strive to conduct business responsibly. You can also discover how we are working to find common ground with our partners and become a trusted ally in sustainable soil solutions. In our CSR programs, you will find how it defines our role in local and global communities, and how we strive to conduct business responsibly in a changing world. Please write to us to receive more information