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Our clients partner with Boyce to deliver the most effective products around the world. Boyce range of coco peat helps remain organic, saves water and money, increases recycling, and reduce waste being sent to landfills.

Clients also benefit from reduced purchase costs, transportation and other costs. Recycling revenue helps! With up to 50% reduction in costs, we help our clients spend more money on community development

Boyce range of cocopeat for horticulture and hydroponics industries around the world. Boyce Currently supplied 65% of its production for this Industry

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As cocopeat helps landscaping, green turf construction companies to save water more companies are turning to explore the product

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Cocopeat is slowly replacing the traditional clay as an industrial organic absorbent, benefiting many industries

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Unique and fast developing market for cocopeat, Horse studs in Saudi and middle east have seen improved results when using cocopeat against broken straw

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كوكو الجفت لالفراش الحصان

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We only use top-class coconut husk for our cocopeat production. Up to 900 tons of coconut husk is used each and every month in our facilities across India, Srilanka and Vietnam. The quality and composition of our end product are decisive factors in ensuring the end results and for a long time.

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Kokos is een natuurlijk wonder, dat gemakkelijk in de omgang en van nature veelzijdig is, en dient als ideaal organisch middel voor het optimaliseren van de oogst. Het wordt tevens gebruikt om groene gazons te maken, omdat het water vasthoudt..

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椰糠是一种易处理、 多功能、能增收的纯天然有机介质。 椰糠的保水性 也被用于绿色草坪的培植。